Are your marketing materials “Sticky”?

As I’ve delved into the depths of SEO and web design, I’ve seen several sources mention that a cornerstone to good online advertising is having “sticky” content.

Sticky content refers to content that will entice visitors to a website to come back often.  Examples include chat rooms, forums, games, etc.

As a provider of promotional products, that made me wonder: how “sticky” are the promotional products you are using to promote your business?  Businesses use promotional products for a variety of reasons, including: tradeshow giveaways, as a thank you to valued customer, conversation starters, etc.  One thing I hear often when discussing promotional products is, how much will these cost?

A better question is, how much value are they?  Value can be considered by evaluating how much something costs and how much return on your investment you get from them.  If I had to spend $1000 on expensive briefcases with my logo on them, but got $100,000 in new sales as a result, I would consider it a good investment.  On the other hand, if I spent $200 on branded pens that get thrown in a drawer and forgotten, I would not reinvest in that item.

A key factor is how “sticky” the product is.  How often will the person use the item?  Is the item useful in itself?  Does it inspire conversation?  Will others ask about it?  Examples of promotional items that have good stickiness are tools, water bottles, calendars, sports schedules and office supply items.  These items get used frequently.  Other items may work well, depending on the industry and the typical customer.  Whether they acknowledge them or not, people will see your name and/or logo every time.  And they will remember your name when you talk to them.  Next time you’re looking to advertise or order promotional items, go with something that’s sticky.  It will be money well spent!

To your success,

Jim Kurtz

P.S. here are a few of the items we use:

Accurate Forms & Supplies Car calendar

Our Fast Trax car calendar

Magnetic business card

Magnetic Business Card

Baseball schedule wallet cards

Baseball Schedule wallet cards


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