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The value of time

How much is your time worth?

If I asked 1000 people that question, I’d probably get 990 different answers.  And, if I asked the same 1000 people that question a week, month or year later, I’d get 990 different answers.  In business, the question can be answered by taking your salary and dividing it by the hours you work to arrive at a value of your time.  Interestingly, your perception of time changes with your workload.  If you’re twittling your thumbs, you probably would not have as much sense of urgency as when you’re swamped.

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Dwindling spiral of time.

As a vendor of promotional products, corporate apparel, signs and print marketing, I often run into buyers who invariably buy the cheapest products they can find.  Those customers, unfortunately, do not understand the value of time.  Case in point: I recently built a custom website for a customer to order all of their embroidered shirts from.  In addition to building their personalized e-store, we gather the individual orders by employee, embroider the items with the correct logo (they have 2 color variations, based on the color of the item), bag the item and label it with the employee name, split the orders into 16 locations and ship them out.

Sure, they may be able to do all of this work themselves, but is it worth it?  To save a hundred dollars by shopping around apparel companies, embroiderers, freight companies and ecommerce brokers, they would wind up spending thousands of dollars in labor, invoices, checks and other expenses.

The moral: when planning a major job, consider all of the time that will be involved in implementing each solution.  Quite often, the penny you save in product may cost you more money and headaches than you realize.

Then, call me. 🙂

I’ll save you the most precious resource you have.


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The secret to saving money on direct mail

Hi all,

It’s been a while, as I’ve been incredibly busy lately with business, family and our new son, Theta.

In talking with a few customers who were looking at sending out some direct mail pieces, I was momentarily blocked by the cost of postage.  Indeed, when you’re looking at sending several thousand postcards or other mail pieces out, paying $.24 to $.40 per piece to the post office gets really expensive.

While you can choose the Every Door Direct Mail program from the USPS to lower the cost of postage to $.15 per piece, your options are limited.  You can’t use your own mailing lists, you have to deliver your mail pieces to each post office ZIP code you’re mailing to, and you’re limited to how many pieces you can send per post office per day.  That’s a lot of legwork, with a lot of restrictions.  Far from being a truly turnkey operation (and when you figure in the gas and time required to make it work, you’re probably right back to paying $.20-$.30 each anyway).

I got an idea from a marketing specialist to use flyer distribution services to hand out promotional pieces in order to get leads.  After I called a local flyer company, it turns out that this is indeed a cost-effective alternative to direct mail.  The two companies I called here in Dallas charged $.07-$.12 per piece to pass out flyers or door hangers door-to-door.  You can customize where they deliver, whether you want residential or businesses, and sometimes choose which demographics you want.

You should do a bit of research on the company you’re choosing, and it’s a good idea to choose a company that offers auditing services, which allows you to verify that they pieces are actually getting distributed to the locations, and exactly when they were delivered, so you can follow up in an appropriate timeframe.

There you have it.  You can contact me for the printing, and cut your delivery costs in half.  I love win-win situations!


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