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The power of gratitude

In sales as well as life, it’s important to focus on-and be grateful for- the positive things. Thank your customers for their business, no matter how small it may be. Thank your prospects for the opportunity to show them what you can do. Thank your employer for the opportunity to work for them. Thank your employees for all their hard work.

As I’ve been making a number of sales calls lately, I’ve changed my attitude about how I view the work and the people I talk to. I thank them for the time, thank them for their honesty if they are not interested, thank them for their smile, thank them for the help or information they give, and always wish them a great day.

It may sound trite, but I really believe that it has made a huge difference. I’m getting more leads, more requests for quotes, more return calls and soon, more business.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my boss for his patience, guidance and assistance. I want to thank my team for their hard work. I want to thank all of my customers, both current and future.  Thanks to Pete for the opportunity you’ve given me.
I want to thank my wife for constantly trying to change me for the better. Thanks to my wonderful boys for smiling and playing with me, and keeping me young at heart. Thank you to LRH for giving me a spiritual compass that guides me. And of course, thank you to all who read this, and may your days and lives be filled with success, wonder and joy.

And, if you’ve liked this, pass it along to those you are thankful to. Better yet, write your own notes of thanks.


The importance of follow up

I had to be reminded of this recently, which is a bit embarrassing.  It doesn’t matter how many prospects you have in your “pipeline”.  It’s how many people who need or want something that you sell see your message at the right time (when they are ready to buy).


With the magic of Social Media and the Internet, you can get a ridiculous amount of information.  Phone number, address, contact information, who the principle players are, etc.  As a result, old school sales managers salivate at the thought of having sales pipelines full of thousands of potential customers.

In reality, though it doesn’t matter much if you have 100, 1,000 or 10,000 entries in the hopper.  It all still boils down to making that connection with a prospect.  Saying the right thing to the right person at the right time will create success.  Sending out generic email blasts to thousands of contacts isn’t likely to generate much interest.  Think about it; what do you do when you see an email that says, “SAVE BIG!” “WIN A NEW CAR!” or “ALL NEW _________!”  If you’re like most of us, you click delete without paying any attention.

Granted, you can save a lot of money by typing one message, adding your email list and clicking Send, rather than getting in your car, driving to your prospect’s door, and delivering the same cheesy message in person.  But that’s my point.  Why spend any time at all writing, saying or hand-delivering a cheesy, lazy, vanilla sales pitch that your prospects have heard a million times already?  Ask yourself this: would you buy from anyone who verbally vomited a canned pitch at you?

If the answer is no, ask yourself, “what WOULD I respond to?” What message would really catch your attention?  If you wanted or needed the product that you are selling, what would you want to hear someone say, that would make you buy from them?


When you start answering those questions, you are on the way to successfully marketing yourself and your product.

Once you’ve created a good marketing message, you need to develop a system of follow-up.  Let’s say you do have 10,000 people in your email “pipeline”.  You’ve created the best informational copy, complete with pictures, video and a great offer.  Now what?  You could wait by the phone like a 15-year-old girl waiting for that cute guy to call back, but there’s a good chance that won’t produce much other than an angry manager.

Realistically, you need to call back and follow-up. Probably at least 3-5 times.

A better approach is to segment your list into groups.  Target each group with 3-5 products.  Then, pick one product to discuss when you follow-up.  Tell your prospects how the product will benefit them PERSONALLY.  If after 1-2 calls, you don’t get traction, wait 2 weeks and call again with another product.  Rinse and repeat.

Good selling!

Maximize You Marketing Message with Mail

For years, companies have used direct mail to advertise sales, showcase new products and build their brand.

However, in recent years many companies have shied away from direct mail due to the cost.  The largest factor in this cost is postage.  While the cost of printing has gone down in recent years ( you can get 5000 4″x6″ postcards with  full-color on both sides for about $.06 each), the cost of postage has risen.  Even with full CASS certification, you’re looking at 27-32 cents each to mail a postcard.

In an effort to increase the volume of mail advertising, the USPS has created a program called Every Door Direct Mail, or EDDM.  This program drastically reduces the cost of postage on postcards.  The typical cost per piece for EDDM is 14.5 cents each, which is a 45% savings!  USPS hopes that this program will create a resurgence in mail marketing.

The EDDM program has some important restrictions:

1) The mailer must be rectangular;

-Rounded corners must be no more than 1/8” radius;

-Between 6.125” and 12” High, or

-Between 11.5 and 15” Long, or

-Between ¼ and ¾” thick

2) The mailers must be hand delivered to the Post Office in the ZIP code you intend to mail to.

3) There is a minimum of 200 and a maximum of 5000 pieces per day per ZIP code.

If you have been considering doing direct mail advertising, or are already using direct mail, but want to use EDDM to save on postage, now may be the time.  We can save you quite a bit on the printing, and have several sizes of mailers that are EDDM-ready.  All you need to do is register with the post office and deliver the pieces to the post office.  In addition to EDDM, we also provide full mailing services, including CASS certification, National Change of Address verification, mail list processing, and more for a totally turnkey operation.  Call us at (800) 777-0072 for more information.

Jim Kurtz

Accurate Forms & Supplies